Infants Educational Program Overview

Ages 0-1

At RNS, our Infant Program has been designed to provide your baby with the same love and nurturing they receive at home. In order to give your child the best care and attention, our Infant Room is limited to four children. Our highly trained staff spend lots of time cuddling and engaging with your child, helping to foster their social and emotional development. RNS is also dedicated to providing a healthy early learning environment with activities developed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity through nurturing, movement, and guided exploration during the early stages of development.

Developmental Stages

With a full understanding of the Developmental Continuum our nurturing staff guides your baby through the following developmental stages:
  • Listening, watching and responding to the environment around them
  • Focusing for a short time while engaging with others
  • Making eye contact with caregivers
  • Able to self sooth with adult support
  • Enjoying and reacting to games such as peek a boo
  • Rolling, crawling, sitting up, and standing to explore their environment
  • Reaching for objects, investigating.
  • Using fine motor skills to pick up, hold and manipulate objects
  • Communicating through crying and cooing, using vocal sounds
  • Reacting to verbal language by turning head and making gestures
  • Beginning to duplicate sounds
  • Interacting by reaching and pointing
  • Beginning to look for an object when taken out of sight
  • Recognizing familiar people
  • Beginning to work with simple puzzles such as stacking cups
  • Beginning to distinguish when to use fingers or whole hands
  • Beginning to navigate through a familiar environment, ex. soft climbing mats
  • Recognizing when the environment or people in it change
  • Is exposed to cultural traditions and celebrations
  • Beginning to use senses to explore the environment around them
  • Reacting to weather changes, ex. snow.
  • Beginning to move body to music
  • Beginning to explore fine and gross motor materials such as water, large blocks simple puzzles
  • Expressing emotions while creatively exploring
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