Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten Educational Program Overview

Ages 5-6


Transitional Kindergarten is offered to children who have not met the Public School “cut-off” date for kindergarten enrollment or are waiting to enter Public School Kindergarten. It can also be used as a child’s only Kindergarten experience.

Our TK/Kindergarten program is an accredited kindergarten curriculum requiring five mornings a week, and is taught by Ms D’Arpa who holds a NY and NJ certificate in Early Education. The curriculum is academic based, and developed with the Board of Education’s Kindergarten learning goals in mind. Subjects such as Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are taught within thematic units that focus on a particular character and the letter the character’s name begins with.

As the children follow each character through the unit, they will explore Science and Social Studies topics ranging from the art of cooking, to visiting the African Savannah, and much more. By mid-year the children will have been introduced to all the characters and alphabet letter sounds and begin working on blending these sounds to make words.


Our Kindergarten class is also equipped with a Smart Board, making our lessons more interactive and exciting. Enrichment such as Art, Music, Cooking, Pottery, Yoga and Physical Education are offered throughout the week as well.

Our program is rigorous but also stimulating and fun. There is no doubt your child will have loads of fun and be ready for Kindergarten.

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