Walkers Educational Program Overview

Ages 1-2


As your child begins to walk and move about more independently, their daily activities are driven by a growing curiosity for the world around them. Our professionally trained and experienced staff continue to encourage your child’s natural development by supporting exploration through a nurturing, thematically-based program designed with endless cuddling, play, and hands-on activities that support language acquisition, creative expression, social skills, and math and science related fun.  Structure is very important in a toddler’s day. Toddlers thrive when there is a sense of routine. Repeated behaviors help them feel safe. Each day upon entering the Walker’s classroom, children are greeted by the staff with a warm smile and lots of hugs and cuddles.

In the Walker’s classroom, Circle Time is introduced for the first time, as one of the daily routines designed to provide structure and usually takes place around the same time each day. During Circle Time, staff and children sit together on the rug and begin to develop a sense of community. Walkers will begin Circle Time with a song or finger play, explore the weather, and discuss the theme/activity for the day.

RNS’s staff is so welcoming, the teachers, aides, and directors are like family. They are warm and kind, really engage with the children and give everyone individual attention.

Cinthya H.


Following Circle Time, your toddler will enjoy Play Time. During Play Time staff engage the children by providing opportunities for play and exploration such as building with blocks, finger painting, creating with play dough, or counting stacking cups. These activities are designed around the monthly theme and to assist your child’s fine motor and cognitive development.

As the toddler approaches 18 months of age, thematically based Toddler Trays are introduced to the daily routine. Toddler Trays encourage independence while continuing to support motor skills and sensory play. Initially staff may choose a specific tray for your child to explore based on his/her individual development. As your child continues to grow, choices between two trays will be given to encourage decision-making.

Of course, there is always a lot of warm smiles and hugs throughout the day. Our nurturing staff continue to support your child emotionally, creating constant opportunities for holding, rocking, talking and signing with each child.

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