Admission Process

To enter our nursery classes, a child must be 2 years old By September 1st, and in the process of toilet training. Classes are grouped according to age and readiness.
Prospective students and their parents must visit the school.

RNS is licensed by the State. Our teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education.

Our school year is September through June. We also offer a summer program.

Please read the documents listed in the Parent Information Packet. They provide information with respect to:
  • RNS’s Expulsion Policy
  • RNS’s Health Guidelines
  • And Department of Children and Families Information to Parents Document

Once you have decided to enroll your child you must submit the following paperwork:

  • ENROLLMENT CONTRACT: Signed enrollment contract in the chosen RNS program, given at time of school visit, along with the appropriate deposit.
  • PARENT PACKET SIGNATURE SHEET: Signed proof of parent’s having read all the required documents prior to child’s enrollment in the chosen RNS program.
  • ATTENDANCE SCHEDULE & PAYMENT OPTION FORM: Lists available options for different RNS programs.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT RECORD: A confidential document recording a child’s social development.
  • UNIVERSAL CHILD HEALTH RECORD: A form that the child’s pediatrician must fill out along with the immunization information.